Jonathan Hallett MCIAT

Chartered Architectural Technologist - Office Tel: 01202 881945

Contract management

Chartered Architectural Technologists are recognised as being qualified to negotiate and manage all aspects of architectural and construction contracts, whether it is using traditional, partnering or other methods. Chartered Architectural Technologists recognise the significance of the post construction aspects of the project.

  • manage or co-ordinate associated professionals;
  • obtain and evaluate tenders and agree contracts;
  • ensure continual compliance with design, legal, statutory and professional requirements;
  • programme schedules and undertake stage inspections;
  • administer contracts and project certification;
  • manage project handover;
  • gain feedback from and de-brief client and user;
  • appraise building performance in use and producing, developing and maintaining maintenance management information systems; and
  • evaluate and advise upon refurbishment, repair, reuse, recycling and deconstruction of buildings.